Office 365: Goodbye FindTime – Hello FindTime!!!

Goodbye FindTime

In October Microsoft canceled FindTime and replaced it with another tool for scheduling meetings.  A poll was created on Microsoft’s UserVoice and support was overwhelming for the features that were removed when FindTime was shutdown.

I also panned the new solution as nearly unusable on this site.

Hello FindTime

I am happy to report that if you have Office 365, FindTime is back!  I’ve tested it and all the features that were no longer availabe are back.  You can signup for this tool at the FindTime site.   The web only “Poll for a Time to Meet” is still in the Office 365 Calendar if you want to use that.  But if you have Outlook 2016 and Office 365, I highly recommend that you install the FindTime it’s a much better tool.

If you want to know why I loved FindTime and I’m so happy it’s back, take a look at the old article: Office 365: Goodbye FindTime.

Thank you Microsoft for listening to your users and putting this great tool back in our hands!

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