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IDrive Remote Backup

 Why choose IDrive Online Backup?

 5 GB free-for-life, larger accounts starting at $4.95/monthPhone, live chat and email support for every customer

    Phone, live chat and email support for every customer

    Universal support for PCs and Macs

    Access files 24x7 from any standard web browser

    Backup contacts, calendar events, photos/videos; share and acess files on iOS / Android devices

 Easy sign up, installation and 2-clicks gets you started

     Your files are securely encrypted at all times

     Rapid Serve for quickly shipped restores of large data sets

     No contracts 5 GB FREE Click Here for a Free Account

How secure is IDrive Online Backup?

    256 bit AES encryption on data transfer and storage with an optional private passphrase
    SAS 70 compliant data-centers built to withstand natural disaster and monitored 24x7x365 against physical and network security threat

What is Symform?
Symform is the world’s first peer-to-peer cloud storage network. Everyone on the network contributes excess local storage space to the grid in exchange for free or really affordable cloud storage that is more secure than traditional cloud solutions. Contribute to the Symform Network, and Be the Cloud!


Affordable, Secure & Fast
Best Price: Free or flat fee storage and backup
Most Secure: Patented encryption and data protection
Top Speed: Instant restore and turbo seeding for fast backup

Symform Provides Low-Cost, High-Performance Cloud Storage and Backup
Using the cloud for data storage and backup just makes sense. Data is growing exponentially, and it’s hard to keep up by adding new hardware, software, databases, and facilities. The cloud provides easy scalability without putting more burdens on your network. The only problem is that online solutions have been too expensive. While storing two terabytes of data on an external hard drive can cost only $100, storing that same amount of data in the cloud can cost $1,000 per month or more. Symform’s solutions are designed to cut costs while still providing the highest level of security, reliability, and performance.

Whether you need to back up a few gigabytes or hundreds of terabytes of data, or you want to implement a comprehensive business continuity backup process, Symform has the solution and price to meet your needs:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Online Backup
  • Backup Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity Suite

Symform Re-invented Cloud Storage so Everyone Could Use It.
The Symform cloud was built from the ground up to provide data storage and backup in a new way that is faster, cheaper, more secure, and more reliable than anything traditional cloud storage providers can offer. Our approach allows companies to make use of the Internet along with the abundant unused storage and bandwidth they already own. The result is faster service, with distributed reliability and security, at a fraction of the cost. Your data is going to keep growing. With traditional cloud storage, so will your costs. Not with Symform. We offer cloud storage and backup pricing at levels that everyone can enjoy.