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A suite of online tools to help manage your law firm

Completely web-based, Clio is a practice management system that is specifically designed for solo practitioners and small law firms. Your important client data is securely accessible anywhere—from your PC, your Mac, and even your iPhone.

The California State Bar’s Opnion on VLOs – ISSUE: May an attorney maintain a virtual law office practice (“VLO”) and still comply with her ethical obligations, if the communications with the client, and storage of and access to all information about the client’s matter, are all conducted solely through the internet using the secure computer servers of a third-party vendor (i.e., “cloud computing”).

  • Avoid frustration and costly upkeep
  • Best in-class features, utility, and vendor practices
  • Stay mobile and use any device or operating system
  • Keep your practice data backed up, accessible, and 100% secure
  • Unlimited access to exceptional support and training
  • Keep your time tracking, billing, and schedule professional, intuitive, and under control.