About JDB Consultants


Expert solutions for your business.

JDB Consultants provides support that is flexible, customer focused and tailored to each client’s business demands. We provide consistent service levels, are highly responsive to client needs, and can rapidly adjust services to accommodate changing business requirements.

Taking it to the Cloud

JDB Consultants has extensive Cloud expertise.  We help our clients move their data to the Cloud while improving security, adding flexibility and generating return on investment for the business.  We can handle the most complex systems and the needs of the smallest customers.  JDB Consultants internal IT systems are 100% Clould based.  We have no servers at our office.  Our phones and data sharing and in the Cloud too.   If you want reduced cost,  high end security, and technology that work with out having the ownership issues of servers, we can help.

We provide solid industry solutions, fair pricing and well planned implementation.

If you are not ready for the Cloud, JDB Consultants can help you upgrade your existing infrastructure. We will evaluate and document overall network performance, detail network documentation specifying asset inventory, WAN/LAN, we also will do diagrams and configurations information (i.e. router, firewall and switch configurations, server and workstation configurations, application configuration information such as virus, backup, email, database), identify and document areas for improvement as well as strong points of the network infrastructure and cite recommendations for improvement of problem areas.

JDB is looking forward to making your experience with computers a positive one.

At JDB Consultants, we also offer remote network monitoring. We keep up with the latest technology. JDB Consultants can take over for all your computer need or for specific areas. Our IT support team is highly experienced.  Our consultants have provided services for a variety of industries and organizations including entertainment, real estate, non-profit organizations, schools, government, insurance, and the travel & leisure industry.  Our clients include NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Intel, Tishman International Companies, Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, Time/Warner, Multiversal Enterprises, and SK Management, just to name a few of our loyal customers.

Our goal is building long lasting and trusting relationships with our customers.

It is our hope that we will have the opportunity to work with you and your staff.